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If it were not for Dr. Santos on two different occasions before 2 fights which I had some injuries, one, to my right knee, and the other to my neck, I would have never won, or worse, I'd have to cancel or postpone my fight's.

Wallid Ismael: IVC World Champion in MMA

Thank you for your treatments during those last 4 1/2 years while in Los Angeles.

John Godina: 4 time World Champion in Shot Put

Dr. Nelson Santos is one of the greatest therapists I have ever worked with. He got me back on the track and to my U.S. championship victory and a new American record only days after a severly strained hamstring. I wish there were more practioners of his caliber around.

David Krummenacker: 800 meter World Champion

I want to start by saying that I have been a patient Dr. Santos since 2003. Over that span of time, I have come to the conclusion that he is not only a great ART specialist, but a great friend.

Matt Ware: #22 Corner Back, Arizona Cardinals, NFL

Thank you Dr. Nelson Santos for helping fix my lower back when with the Los Angeles Galaxy during my last season. If it were not for your treatments, I would not have been able to return as quickly as I did, and I was able to play several more year's with no problems.

Carlos Hermosillo: Mexican National Soccer Team

Dr. Santos, You are amazing! Thank you so much for helping me heal during Gladiator filming!

Beth Horn: American Gladiators (2008) - Venom

Dr. Santos,
Thank you so much for keeping me healthy! You have the magic. Thanks again!

Breaux Greer: 2007 World Outdoor bronze medalist

Ever heard of ART therapy relieving carpal tunnel syndrome? For a minute I thought doc and I were going to get down with paints and canvas and release my pain;)Seriously though, Active Release Technique (ART)therapy is pretty amazing stuff and Dr. Santos is the best! Great alternative to traditional physical therapy for chronic muscle over-use problems.
I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome and was on my way to the operating table to have my wrist sliced open when I found Dr. Santos. Tried everything: massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and while they collectively helped, it was determined I would never regain full use of my hand without surgery. I have improved more in only three sessions with Dr. Santos than I did in three months of treatment prior. It really is amazing.
Oh, and did I mention he's nice too?? Kind, attentive and extremely respectful, he has the greatest disposition ever. If you have muscle pain, he's your guy.

Jeni R.

If it were not for Dr. Santos on two different occasions before 2 fights which I had some injuries, one, to my right knee, and the other to my neck, I would have never won, or worse, I'd have to cancel or postpone my fight's.

Wallid Ismael: IVC World Champion in MMA

Nelson Santos is without a doubt the best therapist practicing ART in L.A. I had a partial tear of my quadricep, but with his help I was able to recover and place second at this year's(2008)Division 1 National Championships. Thanks Doc!

Eric Hansen: US Fencing National Team

I've been to many sports physicians and chiropractors over the years and I have found that Dr. Nelson Santos is tops at what he does as a soft tissue and A.R.T. specialist.
As a golf coach and in my personal game, he has helped me immensely with some difficult injuries and for a golfer he has a special skill and works very effectively in handling situations and in getting you in better shap to play your best golf.
I would highly recommend him and advise my golf students that he is the practitioner of choice to go to for help.

Bob Cisco: Golf performance advisor and author

I'am a former competitive gymnast, former competitive spring board diver in the Ivy League, and Now I'am a professional breakdancer, and stuntwoman. I practice WuShu Style Martial arts, and I perform in stage shows, street shows, and break dance on wood and concrete sometimes.
To Balance this out, I do Bikram Yoga as much as I can to stretch and encourage circulation.
So you can imagine the pain I get sometimes from old injuries.
I have separated my right shoulder on two occasions, and I do most of my freezes and air freezes on my right arm, so my shoulder has had problems forever.
I think I might have torn my rotator cuff at some point too. Nelson's use of active release on my shoulder has really been the only thing that has helped it. I've gone to massage therapy, acupunture, had electrical stimulation, done physical therapy, iced... but really felt most improvement from sessions with Nelson. Yes, the treatment hurts, even though I have a high tolerance for pain, but I feel results after one hour on my shoulder.
He has also helped me with my knee, I had ACL reconstructive surgery and orthoscopic surgery 11 years ago, and sometimes it gets stiff. I've compensated by using my left ankle a lot and Nelson has worked that out also.
Only one session doesn't do the job, it's temporary, because you have to ice afterwards, and keep stretching and doing exercises, but if you have a serious problem, be prepared to go more than a couple of times to work out the kinks. It's important to ice after sessions too.
I highly recommend Nelson for athletes who don't want to guit doing their passions!

Peipei "Bgirl Peppa" Yuan

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